API Guide


Version 2.0 of the API replaces version 1.0. Login has been removed so developers only need to provide a developer key. There is no longer an image retrieve step, the url for the image is provided as part of the recipe dataset.


suggest returns a list of near ingredient matches when provided with a partial ingredient name. This API is useful for auto completion searches.

http://api.recipeon.us/ 2.0/ ingredient/ suggest/ <developerkey>/ <ingredient>/


suggest returns a list of recipe matches when provided with a list of ingredients.

http://api.recipeon.us/ 2.0/ recipe/ suggest/ <developerkey>/ <from>/ <count>/ <ingredient>&<ingredient>

http://api.recipeon.us/ 2.0/ recipe/ suggest/ <developerkey>/ <from>/ <count>/ <ingredient>&<ingredient>/ <option>&<option>

Where Option can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, starter, dessert